Bursary Application


Bursaries awarded by Sedgefield Village Games are for the purpose of supporting people who either reside in Sedgefield,  are a member of a sports club in Sedgefield or attend school in Sedgefield. The bursaries take the form of a financial award which will be key in assisting in the individuals’ development in their chosen sport. This may be to provide access to sport when it is otherwise denied for whatever reason, or to give a sports person the opportunity to achieve more than they otherwise would.

Bursaries are aimed primarily at young people but may be extended to older people at the discretion of the Sedgefield Village Games committee.

Sedgefield Village Games believe that being involved in sports provides an excellent foundation for life and personal development and therefore we encourage the acquisition and development of all-round life skills.

Therefore as a condition of receiving a bursary we may request that the beneficiary attend a meeting of the Sedgefield Village Games committee to make their case for the bursary award. We may also ask that they attend after using the bursary to update the committee on their experience and the benefits that the bursary provided. At the very least, it is expected that each bursary recipient submits a report and, if possible associated photography, outlining how the money was used and any relevant outcomes.

In the case of a young person attending a meeting they will be expected to be accompanied by a parent, carer, teacher, club coach or club official; i.e. the person supporting the application. The discussion with the committee will be brief and appropriate.

A bursary award made by Sedgefield Village Games may be on condition of receiving match funding. The applicant may be required to secure match funding themselves or in certain circumstances, Sedgefield Village Games may secure it on behalf of the applicant. This will be made clear if an award is made. Match funding provides additional funding and a higher likelihood of success of the project.

Our Aims - Sedgefield Village Games


The main aim of Sedgefield Village Games is to support sport in Sedgefield. By supporting sport we aim to harness the community spirit in Sedgefield behind our sports people, sports clubs and potential sports stars. We recognise that people who succeed in their sporting goals are often role models to other people who are inspired by their achievements. Therefore, if we support you with a bursary we would like to use your story to promote your achievements and the support provided Sedgefield Village Games. This will be done in a positive way and you will be contacted first. If you wish to discuss this with us please let us know at any time during the process of applying for an award otherwise we will assume that you consent to your story being used.

  • Sedgefield Village Games is an independent not-for-profit organisation run by local people and has its origins in the successful project that took place in Sedgefield in 2012 to commemorate the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. Sedgefield Village Games is an inclusive organisation. If you wish to see a copy of the Constitution or the Child & Vulnerable Persons Protection Policy please contact the Secretary of Sedgefield Village Games at the address at the top of the application form.
  • The decision of the Sedgefield Village Games committee in deciding whether to make an award of a bursary is final.
  • Any comments about the process of the consideration and award of a bursary should be sent to the Secretary of Sedgefield Village Games. This does not include comment on the actual amount awarded.

How to apply?


The completed application and any other enquiries regarding bursaries should be addressed to;

  • The Secretary,
  • Sedgefield Village Games
  • 10 Dunelm Court, Sedgefield.
  • Co. Durham, TS21 2JS
  • Or by e-mail to snhill@btinternet.com
  • Junior Athletics

  • Karate

  • Indoor Bowls

  • Squash